The water struggle of the people of Aurapul; How much more?

Tausif N Akbar :

coastal journalist

The problem of clean drinking water has become evident in Indurkani of Pirojpur. On the spot, evidence of shortage of clean drinking water was found in local houses and shops in Aurapul, the most populous and busiest area of ​​Indurkani village in the central union of the upazila.

Due to the lack of a clean water source, the locals have to suffer while fetching water from far and wide. Some people drink boiled water from canals and ponds. It has also been alleged that the water of canals is served in shops with or without purifying water.

Ohidul Islam, a local shopkeeper, said, “We have no source of pure water here. Pure drinking water is brought from far and wide, but pure water is not collected for various reasons, including lack of time for the shop.” After the water becomes too salty, it becomes unusable.

Abdul Jabbar Gazi, a local resident and retired government official, said that due to the effects of climate change, the amount of water that enters the canals this time of the year cannot be returned to the sea because the tide lasts less than the low tide. cannThe salinity (pH level) in the cannals water is more than the tolerance level.

UP member Shahadat Fakir said people here are suffering from lack of clean water. As the level of pure water in this area is much lower than normal, tube-wells cannot be installed here. In that case, a drinking water purification plant needs to be set up here.

A doctor in charge of Indurkani Upazila Health Complex said that it is not advisable to drink water from canals, and ponds without boiling it. There is a possibility of serious health risks.

One study found that the World Health Organization recommends a maximum of 5 grams of salt per day. But coastal people in some cases eat 200 times more salt. Eating more salt is associated with higher blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease. If people on the coast drink less salty water (such as rainwater), it is possible to lower their blood pressure.

Indurkani upazila nirbahi Officer Hossain Md. Al Mujahid said, “Steps are being taken to solve the local water problem. Our process is going on and soon all the people of the upazila including Aurapul will get the benefits.”

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